Questions and best answers

How do we dress? Well you don’t want to wear your Sunday go to meeting cloths. You may get wet, It could be cold or hot. Dress comfortable. Layers are usually the best. Usually you can pick up a cheap pair of water shoes or if you enjoy it a good pair of water shoes are worth the investment. Sunglasses, hat or visor.


What should we bring? Camera is always great. Phones take great pictures but, put it in airplane mode. You are out here to enjoy the outdoors. Besides only Verizon works in the area. Water or healthy alternatives is always a good choice. Soft drinks do not replace what you are burning up. Snacks are good something with protein well keep you going. Carbs will suck the energy right out of you.


Will we see an alligator? Your expedition takes you into nature, You may see all kinds of wildlife. This is not a controlled environment.