Backwater Expeditions


We help you enjoy your time off.


We love our customers and the community. Check us out on Facebook for specials and activities in our area.


We provide personal private tours. What does that mean?

You tell us when you want to go out and for how long.

Not being told to meet at a certain time or having to wait because someone is late; or put up with someone that can make your trip less enjoyable.

One to ten people you bring them, we entertain them.

Backwater Outpost

We will be working with different USA based manufactures and small businesses to promote products to make your outdoor experience more enjoyable.


At Backwater Expeditions it is all about well the Expedition!

In addition to our custom water tours we will be offering driving tours exploring some of the interesting history that built this country and the native culture that inhabited the area.


Getting outdoors allows you to recharge. It is good psychically and mentally.

We will be compiling a list of upcoming events, festivals and special interest activities from the surrounding area.



The one thing that separates Backwater Expeditions from other outfitters is our expeditions. We believe this is your time to relax and it is our job to help you through it. That is why we provide personal private tours. Everything is based around providing the best relaxing experience this unique waterway has to offer.

You tell us the day you would like to go, what time you would like to start, and how many people you have in your group. (from 1 up to 10)

If you are new to paddling, this waterway is the best training ground to learn how to canoe or kayak. Our guides will teach and reinforce the best paddling techniques to where most people are ready for the pros after just a few minutes.