About Us



Come Join Us For an Expedition


We have been in business and operating here in Effingham County, Georgia since 2000. Are staff consist of experienced outdoor men and women trained in the history of this pristine waterway and the safety and comfort of you our guest. 


Why People Choose Us

Everything’s on schedule

Your schedule is our schedule. Your tour is yours to enjoy with who you want. We try to accomidate when we can but it is recommened to schedule at least 24 to 36 hours before to make sure of availblity.

Destination variety

Our most populor trip is Tommy Long Landing to the sweet patatoe docks and back. Recommend 3 to 4 hours of easy paddling with senenic bueaty. Water levels veri per seasons and with that side trips through some beath taking swamps.

Convenitly Located

Located in Effingham County, Georgia in the area we lovinglee refer to as the Low County. Forty Five to 60 minutes from Savannah, Georgia and Hilton Head, South Carolina.